The NCAA announced earlier this week that some rules will be changed for next season.  These rule changes have been recommended for some seasons now. The rules that have been changed are the following:

Rule Change #1:

The NCAA is adding an arc that will be placed 3 feet under the basket just like the NBA for Mens College Basketball next season.  The Rule is the same as it is in the NBA, no charges will be called inside of this arc.  No player will be able to take a charge within the arc, instead of a charge a blocking foul on the defender will be called.

Rule Change #2:

The NCAA (both Men’s and Women’s) will now call fouls differently.  The rule is being changed so that Intentional Fouls will be called Flagrant 1 Fouls and Flagrant Fouls will now be called Flagrant 2 Fouls, Just the the NBA.

Rule Change #3:

This rule change, as does the next rule change, pertains to the Women’s NCAA.  This rule change will be in affect during the regular season exhibition games.  The Women’s league will now have a Half Court 10 second rule just like the Men’s NCAA and NBA/WNBA.  The league will make a decision during the regular season as to whether or not the Half Court 10 second rule will be in affect during the tournament and conference tournaments.

Rule Change #4:

Like the last rule change this rule change is only in the Women’s NCAA.  The women teams will now have a 3-point arc at 20 feet 9 inches.  The same distance the Men’s programs have been using since the 2008-2009 season.  It has not yet been said or determined as to whether or not this rule will be in affect during the conference tournaments or NCAA tournament.

Personally, I don’t like any of the rule changes.  I think the rules for both Men’s and Women’s NCAA were fine just as they were before.

Embarrassingly, my freshman year of college I was counting to 10 every time the team that was playing our girls basketball team and yelling at the referees. At half time the Women’s coach walked up to me because he could hear me yelling that and kindly taught me that there was no Half Court 10 second rule in Women’s College Basketball.  I wasn’t mad that there wasn’t a Half Court 10 Second Rule, I was mad that we were playing such great full court pressure and not being rewarded for it.  However, once I learned this I didn’t complain anymore and I was over the fact that there wasn’t a Half Court 10 second Rule.I thought that made the Women’s game unique! And, to just be experimenting with this rule during exhibition games is ridiculous. Either change it for good or leave it alone!

As for the 3 point line for the Women’s game being changed. I thought that made the Men’s and Women’s games different and I liked it a lot.  I just don’t feel like girls should have to shoot 1 foot further back to be rewarded with 3 points. what was wrong with the 19 foot 9 inch 3 pointer? If you ask me nothing was wrong with that.

The foul calls being changed to match the NBA is just a waste of time. Fans that haven’t been keeping up with the NCAA basketball rules because it’s the off season and they have other sports to watch will just be confused when these calls are made. Broadcasters and commentators are going to have a little extra to talk about when this happens.  This rule change is completely unnecessary! Who cares if the calls are different from the NCAA and the NBA? I don’t. I liked the way they were different. It exemplified the awesome difference between the NBA and NCAA basketball.

I also hate the idea of adding the arc underneath the basket that helps the referees decided whether or not the call should be a charge or a blocking foul depending on where the foul takes place.  If you actually take the time to read the rule book anyway the arc doesn’t really make any difference to what should be called. In no place the the rule book state where on the court a blocking foul or charging foul can and can not take place.  The extra arc for a charging/blocking foul is just another extra rules the referees have to worry about making.  Again, Completely unnecessary!

Why are people concerned with and trying to make the NCAA like the NBA? I think the college game is much much better than the NBA. Everywhere from  game scheduling,  coaching, player abilities, teamwork, post season play, and even the calls and refereeing that took place not only last season but all the years before that I have been watching and rooting for! I think these rule changes will take away from the college game and soon they’ll be changed back proving these rule changes unnecessary!

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted, I was busy with school and graduating from college, but I apologize for the short absence! I hope all of you enjoyed reading this post and I thank you so much for reading and enjoying this post! 🙂