It’s only right that I write about my Boilermakers loss to the Gophers last night (Thursday Jan. 13th).  If you’re expecting me to admit that I was wrong about Purdue or about how disappointed I am with this loss to the Gophers you can forget that.  Sure I’m a bit upset/disappointed that Purdue lost last night but I’m not worried or mad about the loss.

I claimed earlier that the Big Ten Champ is going to have a couple if not a few losses this year.  The Big Ten is very tough this year and Minnesota is a really good team.  I actually give credit to the Golden Gophers last night.  This is the second game in a row that they’ve completely shut down E’twaun Moore holding him to 2-14 from the field last night.  That’s very impressive considering Moore and JaJuan Johnson are both in the top 5 for scoring in the Big Ten this season.

Now I’ll admit that I was frustrated with some missed calls that went the Gophers way last night.  But, I’ve also played enough games of football and baseball to know that a few calls won’t determine the outcome of a game.  Even though they could potentially help a team out and possibly swing the momentum in a team’s direction.

Minnesota’s Blake Hoffarber was also on fire.  Putting up 26 points on the night, “It felt like the rim was just a little bigger than normal” -Hoffarber.  The kid literally couldn’t miss it seemed like.  It wasn’t like Purdue wasn’t contesting his shots.  They had a had in his face almost every time he shot and no matter what the ball was just falling in.  There wasn’t much anybody on Purdue could do to stop him.  That’ll happen from time to time and when it happens you just have to respect the player it’s happening to and be happy for him.

I think this was a good test for the Boilermakers, even though they failed.  However, I sometimes think a loss can be a good thing.  It can wake a team up or just open their eyes to the competition around them and cause them to pick their game up. I hope this is what happens to Purdue in this case.  But, for that to happen E’twaun Moore definitely can’t go 2-14 from the field.  He had some good looks that just didn’t fall so I don’t see this becoming a problem at all.  It was just a cold night for Moore, which happens to everybody on occasion.

I look for my Boilermakers to bounce back on Sunday against West Virginia.  I saw them play in West Lafayette on new years last year and Purdue blew them out by 18.  I was so hungover but I’ll never forget that game for the rest of my life.  I expect a good game but see Purdue getting back on the winning track.  I also think Minnesota will continue to climb in the standings and put on good showings against some of the conference’s big dogs.  The Golden Gophers will definitely make things very interesting this year in the Big Ten.