West Virginia will start selling beer at Athletic Activities starting in the 2011-2012 seasons

West Virginia University has recently released that they will start serving beer at athletic sporting events.  To any, of age, college students this is awesome news.  Why is it awesome news to all, of age, college students and not just WVU students? This new move is a step forward to other schools making the decision to start making some easy money and funding some of their athletic programs the easy way! WVU announced that they will start selling beer at school football and basketball games.  Something their of age fans will appreciate very much.  Some could make jokes towards the Mountaineers about this decision but I applaud WVU! Here are just a few first thoughts on this decision as to why I like it.



Obnoxious WVU fan

West Virginia doesn’t usually have any problems getting fans into games or attracting fans to games. However, this decision will possibly make going to these games much more attractive.  Have any of you readers been to a NFL, NBA, or even a MLB game? If you’re of age and able to buy a beer you’re most likely to agree that this ability is awesome! It makes the game so much more enjoyable.  Yeah, the beer is way too expensive and over priced but that’s the least of most people’s worries who have spent way too much already on tickets!

Another issue that’s brought up when talking about this is underage drinking.  Do I think it’s going to stop underage binge drinking before these college games start? No, I don’t think it will stop. However, I don’t think it will be as much of a problem.  WVU also stated that A) no vendors would be selling in student sections B) you must have a valid, and of age, ID and C) only 2 beers would be sold during each purchase.  To me, I think students wanting to drink will not feel as pressured to binge drink before going to games.  Usually college students are pretty cool with buying for underagers (though that can get them in a whole bunch of trouble).  I feel that younger students will think to themselves, “Hey they sell beer at the games now. I can just drink a few there!”.  Some of you may be asking what if they don’t know anyone who is 21 years of age or older? Here’s my answer. Have you ever been around a group of college students? Most aren’t very shy and are willing to ask someone, “Hey where did you get that beer? Oh, you bought it? Would you mind buying me and my buddy one if we give you some extra cash?”.  That happens a lot on college campuses.  It’s unfortunate but it happens.  So, no I don’t think it will stop pre-game binge drinking by underage drinkers but it will calm it down a bit! Which is always good news.

I also like this decision because selling beer at a game is not only cheap but, it also brings in a lot of revenue.  By selling beer at games you have the ability as an institution to select the prices of the beverages.  This can really help you raise a whole bunch of money.  So who wouldn’t sell for a high price in hopes of making a lot of money and having the chance to cut down pre-game binge drinking? To me it’s a no brainer.  If you make the right amount you can also help fund other school athletics and activities with some of the revenue you’re bringing in from these sales.

I also feel that at some schools that do not have good attendance at major sporting events such as football and/or basketball selling beer could potentially help increase attendance at these events! And, if you’re increasing attendance because of this you’ll be making more money to use for your choice. Point proven.

Here’s my last and final thought/opinion on why I think selling beer at college games is a good decision/idea.  I went to a division III school, Beloit College, and played football.  My freshman year attendance at our games by students was terrible.  By my senior year student attendance was a whole lot better.  When there were more students it was much more fun to play and a lot more enjoyable to play. You could say having a crowd to play for is motivation to do well! I was also a huge fan of both our Men’s and Women’s basketball programs and loved going to their games.  But, I think going to these basketball games and being able to buy some beer would have been awesome.  I think any fan at our football games would say the same thing. I also think more people would have gone to any games thinking, “I like to drink. I love this school I go to. I kind of like basketball (or football). Why should I not go to this game and have a few beers?” Most of the kids I went to school with I know would go to the games and have a couple of beers.  And, it wouldn’t have meant anything to the players whether these students were there to drink or to watch. They’d just be happy to have more fans in the stands!

These are the following reasons why I think selling beer at NCAA sporting events is a good idea.  I’m sure after thinking about it more I’ll come up with more reasons as to why I like it and I’ll potentially come up with ideas as how institutions could make this the best possible choice for their school.  As for now I hope you enjoyed what you read and I hope that you are not afraid to voice your opinions or thoughts in my comment box! Thank you all for reading! Hope you all have a great day/night…I hope you enjoyed and hope you enjoy this last picture!

Have a nice day/night!