Hey There Everybody,

I’ve started this blog not only to kill some time but to express my love for college basketball.  If you’ve read my about me you’ll understand just how much I love college basketball.  In preparation for March Madness I watch college basketball as much as I possibly can.  I will put off doing homework just so I can watch a game, and no it doesn’t matter who’s playing, I just enjoy watching the game.  I’ll gladly pull an all-nighter to watch a few hours of basketball.  If you were wondering, what happens when March Madness rolls around? Do you go to class?  To answer your questions I prepare for March in the most unusual way.  I will not miss a class until March comes.  Even if I’m sick I make it to class to save my absences for the best time of the year.  By the time March Madness comes I’ll have perfect attendance, only to gladly watch it plummet (My parents would be so proud of me if they knew).

My blog will mostly consist of my thoughts about the top 25 rankings and various other stories or requests.  Due to regional broadcasting I usually only get to watch the Big Ten (I go to school in Wisconsin and am from Indiana).  But, I do my best to keep up with national coverage by reading espn.com, reading newspapers, and of course by watching espn/espn2/and espnews.

So, I hope you enjoy my upcoming posts and welcome any requests for posts or suggestions.

Ryan K.